Olivia Viessmann, PhD

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Research Fellow in Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital


PhD , University of Oxford, UK, 2017

Research Fellow


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Building 149, Room 2301
13th Street
Charlestown, MA 02129 USA

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The brain is one of the most fascinating things one could study and I always found magnets fun to play around with,  so a PhD in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was just right for me. My early research focused on imaging the vasculature of the human brain at the high field of 7 Tesla. I worked in sequence development to depict the vessel walls of major cerebral arteries and studied the influence of the cardiac cycle on MR signals. As a postdoctoral research fellow at the Martinos Center I investigate the impact of vascular geometry and physiology on the formation of functional MRI (fMRI) signals. The ultimate goal of fMRI is to measure neuronal activity in the brain, however these signals are derived from vascular changes in blood volume, flow and oxygenation level. Vessel size and geometric organisation heavily bias the signal. A more profound understanding of these phenomena will allow us to infer neuronal activity in a more specific manner. My aim is to quantify the effect of vascular anatomy in the cortex on various fMRI techniques to define which methods are the most promising to provide more neuronal specificity and hopefully benefit future neuroscientific research.